Digital Paintings
Dan burke borrowedbathyscaphe

'Borrowed Bathyscaph', with a little homage to 'Finding Nemo' too as an Easter Egg. ;)

Dan burke wolfrider orc

'Wolf Rider'. This is a Digital Painting inspired by World of Warcraft and techniques I learned from Matt Dixon's excellent painting book.

Dan burke happy halloween 2015

More painting practice for Halloween, 2015.

Dan burke sleepingdragon web

'Sleeping Dragon' in the style of Denis Loubet of 'Ultima' fame. Hatching for the win!

Dan burke agianthelp danburke

'A Giant Help'. Mreow!

Dan burke thequest danburke

'The Quest'. This is one of the first paintings I did when really trying to improve my digital painting in the last few years.

Dan burke fantasy toons final

Archetypal D&D, WoW or LOTR style characters. Sense a trend? :D I'm working on a color version of this.

Dan burke shamisen web

This is an old one from 2011, but I still like it. Shamisen!

Dan burke old world fantasy map

Old-style map fun. I love those old sepia-toned maps where people barely understood the world they were exploring.

Dan burke db nv odd2 full

'Odd Rod Computer' for NVIDIA T-Shirt Campaign.

Digital Paintings

Assorted digital paintings, created with Paint Storm Studio and Photoshop.

More artwork
Dan burke troll