'Goosebumps': 2D Graphic Adventure
Dan burke gb janitorshed

'Janitor's Shed'.

Dan burke gb parkinglot

'School Parking Lot'

Dan burke gb bigspookytree

'Big Spooky Tree'! Players solve the visual puzzle to progress.

Dan burke gb crashedmovingvan

'Crashed Moving Van',

Dan burke gb stairs

'Stairwell'. Creeeeeepy.

Dan burke gb guestbedroom

'Guest Bedroom'. Lots of toys! Bright and cheery, but is it just a facade?

'Goosebumps': 2D Graphic Adventure

This title is a fun 2D Graphic Adventure (like the kind I used to play a lot) featuring the world of 'Goosebumps', by R.L. Stine. I've played the game several times through and it's really fun.

This is the background art that I personally created for 'Goosebumps' for the PC, XBOX, PS4 and 3DS among many background images.

I art-directed this game and used 3D pre-vis to guide 2D background artists before assigning them backgrounds. This worked out well because I could get pre-approval from the Game Director for a shot before we went to 2D, and the 3D also served as a handy perspective and lighting guide in some cases. Not only did this speed up our workflow, it allowed artists to focus their efforts on the finished image, with changes as-needed.

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