The Beast Warrior
Dan burke beastwarrior 38

Latest version of Beast Warrior with much more detail. Sub-D model, pre-ZBrush & Substance.

Dan burke beastwarrior 11

The Beast Warrior! I'm making a new weapon for him too. ;)

Dan burke beastwarrior 12

Rear shot.

Dan burke beastwarrior 13

The ground is getting more detail as I go; plants and other features.

Dan burke beastwarrior 14

Side view.

Dan burke beastwarrior 15

Low angle shot.

Dan burke beastwarrior combined

Combo shot.

Dan burke beast warrior face hair

Beast Warrior Face reveal! This is also a demo of Ornatrix Hair for Max. First hairstyle...simple mohawk. Next up, brows, facial-hair and braiding. Paintwork around head is because I am re-doing some of the armor.

The Beast Warrior

This is the second pass of the Beast Warrior. I'm still going to make a few more edits; swapping skulls for cloth or some other detail, few more plants on the ground, and other details.

Thanks for looking!

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