Pirates of the Caribbean Characters

Dan burke blackbeard 3000

Blackbeard boss.

Dan burke blackbeard 3000 close

Blackbeard, closer.

Dan burke undex front

Undead Pirate!

Dan burke undex front close

Undead pirate, closer.

Dan burke warriormonk render


Dan burke bb crew2 render


Dan burke bb crew2 render close

Deep Paint 3D came in amazingly handy for adding facial-hair with minimal distortion.

Dan burke bb crew1 render

Another pirate. UVs were manually laid-out for this project. *Shudder*. :D

Dan burke bb crew1 render close

Pirate, closer. Tats galore!

Dan burke bb crew3 render

Yet another pirate.

Dan burke bb crew3 render close

Argh, ye scurvy landlubbers!

Dan burke chinesedragon render

Chinese painted dragon boss. This was a pretty fun and unusual character.

Dan burke grandecrew front

Moar Pyraatz! Gotta love those striped socks. Yar, me hearties!

Dan burke cursedcrew 01

Another set o' shanty-town seaside hooligans, stealin' yer citrus and up to no good.

Dan burke piratesword big front

Pirate Ginger.....with a sword!

Dan burke piratesword big front close

Orange beard, closer! Love this guy's face.

Dan burke grandecrew front close

'Tis a motley crew, I say. Avast!

This is a collection of low-poly characters I created for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl for Seven Studios, circa 2005. Low-poly art with a combination of photographic and hand-painted textures. I used 3D.SK to collect human face and body reference. It was kinda fun 'casting' each character. I made heavy use of Deep Paint 3D for these characters too, and this really came in handy for facial hair and fixing seams. All characters were quite low-poly....maybe 800 triangles or less, and a little more for bosses.